Inter-school Collaboration Pilot Scheme in English Teaching

(Public Lesson)

A public lesson under the project “Inter-school Collaboration Pilot Scheme in English Teaching” was held on 19th November 2022. The aim of the scheme is to create a collaborative platform for teachers to share pedagogical innovations and instructional methods with peers, to improve the overall quality of teaching, and to enhance teachers’ professional capabilities. This collaboration consists of three schools: CDSJ6, CDSJ5 & St Paul School. CDSJ6 is the organizing school. Associate Professor Rochelle Ge, Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of St. Joseph is the adviser of this scheme.

Two sections made up of the event. The first part was a teaching demonstration held by Mr. Tam and Junior 2 students. The students were all attentive and creative during the lesson. The second part was an after-class reflection from the panel teachers, together with the adviser Professor Ge. She provided valuable input to the teachers in terms of both the demonstration class and subsequent follow up of the project. The event was concluded with questions from the audience consisting of around 120 teachers from schools in Macau.

Ms. Cristina Fong, Mr. Napier Wong and Mr. Stanley Cheang from DSEDJ attended the event and expressed high gratitude to the efforts and dedication made by the workgroup.